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20/04/10 03:59 PM #1    

Dan Giles (1975)

JHS Athletic Trophies, class composites and miscellaneous memorabilia

Like many things in life these memories are just that until they come back to the surface. Then they become precious to all.

I would like to propose that these memories be preserved.
Who or how do I get my messages of concern to the right people?
It would be simply a shame to let them become surplus and auctioned off or discarded.

I am certain there would be some creative way to have the Alumni Club/Jaycees fund a preservation society adopted by the city and funded through an annual grant.

I might suggest the following for consideration

1. To have all articles cataloged by graduation year
2. That professional photographs be taken of all trophy's, plaques, memorabilia
3. That 
professional scans be completed of all documents or images
4. That these images be incorporated into the web site associated to graduation year
5. That all items to be stored appropriately by town historian or by other means to preserve the past
Note* Items 1-4 should be done at bare minimum prior to the outcome decided in June

This cause needs a local champion who can make it happen
Suggest a budget be created to determine cost of 1-5 then place this in-front of Jaycees, town council or other body for consideration and then implemented locally.

Fund Raising:
Anticipate local Black Hawks are better at this then most... but here are a few ideas to capture funding
1. Funded as a % of revenue from alumni banquet or other merchandising during reunion
2. Grant from City, State or County or private
3. Donation or fund raiser from Alumni and marketed on your web site
Again just some thoughts to help get the discussion going....

21/04/10 09:58 AM #2    

Jana Cote (Foltz) (1972)


I am all for preserving records as that is what I do for a living, however I know that to do this there is a cost involved. Now I know our Union County Historical Museum is out of room and would probably love to display these but they all ready have many things that they do not have the room to display. It would be nice if we did do a fundraiser or grant that maybe we could do that for the museum and then if they could build something big enough to put the trophies,etc in. I guess we need to hear from the city of Jefferson if they have the room or if they even want to keep these items. If they do not have the room to display them for all to see, maybe the auction would be the necessary way to go. I hate to see that happen but know with the economy it may be hard to get money to place these on display. It is nice to keep them but would even be better to have them displayed. Maybe the community center could be used as a display museum!!!!!!! Just a thought.


21/04/10 12:10 PM #3    

Joe Rarrat (1983) (1983)


The city of Jefferson has been holding and displaying the most important items like state trophies and class pictures, I believe they will continue with the storage and display of them as long as we all agree on that being the best for them. The new stuff that will be released from Dakota valley is old relay trophies, band uniforms, a box of 2 years of annuals and some stuff.
The reason this has been a problem in the past was a contract of ownership and storage between the city of Jefferson and Dakota Valley. (Long Story But) The items the alumni wanted to move and display during the days of 59 were under contract with Dakota Valley and the city of Jefferson could not allow the alumni to move the memorabilia from the cities property. (The city saved these items from being destroyed by entering into this contract)
If given a request the city is more than agreeable to let the alumni display the class composites and some important items during the Days of 59, when they become the guardians of the memorabilia.
With all this said, I would like to see the city of Jefferson keep and display there current Black Hawk memorabilia and set a time to have a surplus sale of the remaining items where the alumni association will bid the $1 and hopefully take possession of the remaining memorabilia. Then list the items for auction sale during the class reunion in July and use any money raised to cover the cost of our Black Hawks web site or as needed to keep the reunion alive.  
Please remember these are just ideas being discussed and will need all parties to agree.
Joe Rarrat (1983)

03/01/11 09:22 AM #4    

Renee Begnoche (LaCROIX) (1980)

Today January 3 2011 the class of 1980 lost a classmate - Valerie Hoffman Rubida - She was a good friend - may she rest in peace - she will be missed.

21/02/18 12:02 PM #5    

Gary Garvis (1968)

Keep me posted on this issue       Gary J Garvis  515-229-3061

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